Life is too short for a bad meal. For years, friends have urgently called/texted me after just sitting down at a restaurant to ask, "What's good here? What do I need to order?" No one wants to order the wrong thing. But restaurant ratings and reviews are so often focused on elements that are either outside of a restaurant's control (i.e. "The food is great, but parking is bad - 2 stars.") or not crucial to a deliciously executed meal (i.e. dirty bathrooms). These reviews don't focus on what's important when us foodies are searching for the best meal ever.

The DishRanker gives power back to the food - arming readers with the knowledge of what to order. Every. Single. Time. 

Within each review, I will rank the dishes I ate (instead of the restaurant overall) on a scale of -3 to +3. Here's how it works:

+3:  Best of the Best. Must order.

+2:  Pretty good. Order if you can.

+1:   Acceptable to order. Don't expect too much. 

0:    Eh. Not bad or good. 

-1:   Didn't like it. But someone might if they're into that kind of thing.

-2:   Pretty bad. Not worth the stomach space. 

-3:   No. The restaurant should be ashamed for even having it on their                menu. 

I may comment on service or location, but unlike other food blogs, my main focus will be on the food. My opinions are unfiltered. This is not a place for baseless high praise or senseless bashing, and it is definitely not a place where I'm going to say everything was good because it was a sponsored meal. Also, a note about the pictures: I do not stylize the food before taking pictures. I take a picture exactly how the kitchen sends it out so you know exactly what you're getting. If the kitchen sends it out that way, that's the way everyone should see it. 

I've always been The DishRanker for friends, family and strangers seated at nearby tables. Now I'm blogging about it. I have been writing Yelp reviews for years, and I'm known just as much for my bad reviews as I am for the good ones. However, I just can't find myself enjoying it anymore because I think Yelp has forgotten about the food, and has become a place for customers to just rant about their own personal problems. "I am gluten free, and the pizza place only has regular pizzas - 1 star." Ugh. 

It's time for a food revolution. Many exciting things are in the works, but in the meanwhile, I invite you to let me know how I can help you never order the wrong thing again. Is there a restaurant or a dish you want me to review? Is there a dish you've heard so much about, but are hesitant to order? That's what I'm here for. 

Send questions or comments to, and help spread the good word by joining the mailing list, following @dishranker on Twitter and Instagram, and sharing my posts. 

Happy eating.