Belcampo Meat Co. | 8053 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA |

Met up with a friend today for lunch, and he lives in this booming area of all new restaurants popping up seemingly everyday. I had heard a lot about Belcampo Meat Co. since their first pop-up in Grand Central Market, and heard murmurs of the best burger in town. Not so much. 

This is a real picture of the burger they put in front of me - hand prints into the bun and all. This is the Fastburger, and I wish they just spent some more time with it.  It has grass-fed beef, american cheese, house sauce, lettuce, onion and tomato. Their version of In-N-Out, and they seriously under-delivered. First, it is tiny, which is expected for $5 (see pic below). Next, there is really no reason to eat this thing. There is minimal flavor, and you can make a better one at home. The look of it was really pathetic since it was pressed, obviously by hand, into oblivion. I don't know about you, but I like my burger buns to have some shape to them. 

DishRanker Burger Score:  -2

We also shared an order of their Tallow Fries. These were decent and normal fries, but could use some seasoning. Definitely ask them for their BBQ sauce, which they secretly hide in the kitchen. There are chunks of garlic and onion in there, and it was the only thing I enjoyed about our trip here. 

DishRanker Fries Score: +1

Last note:  Their Belcampo "Dirty Ketchup" is absolutely terrible. Every restaurant that tries to put out their own ketchup (think Umami) fails in doing so. Everyone loves and expects Heinz, so stop trying to be different and cool with your organic stuff. My advice if you even want to try this place - bring your own ketchup packets.