Taqueria Los Anaya | 4651 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA | taquerialosanaya.com

The need for some serious acupuncture (don't ask) brought me to this neck of the woods. When I left my appointment, I was in serious need of a great lunch. My sources brought me to Taqueria Los Anaya - a small taco joint on the corner of the street. 

The Full Spread

The menu is fairly large here, and they offer everything Mexican from tacos and burritos to tortas, enchiladas, and sopas. I wanted to go for a good mix so I ordered 4 tacos and a horchata - I never say no to horchata. The fact that they make all of their tortillas in-house confirmed that I was in the right place - no double tortilla stacking here. 

Chicken Mole Taco

First up, the Chicken Mole Taco. The mole itself was complex, sweet and delicious, while the pulled chicken was extremely moist. Combine with that with the salsa and cotija cheese, and you've got a pretty solid taco.

DishRanker Chicken Mole Taco Score: +3

Fried Shrimp Taco

Next - the Fried Shrimp Taco. The shrimp were fried perfectly, but I was hoping for some better flavors out the veracruz cole slaw. This definitely needed some of that housemade hot sauce. 

DishRanker Shrimp Taco Score: +1

Lengua Taco

I can't say no to a Lengua (beef tongue) taco, and this one was just delicious. Juicy and tender meat with the salsa verde and crisp raw onions. Anyone that gives you a lengua taco without raw onions has no idea what they're doing. 

DishRanker Lengua Taco Score: +3

Al Pastor Taco

Last up was the Al Pastor Taco, and this was my favorite of the bunch. The pork was definitely cooked on the spit where it picked up amazing juice and flavor. The taco is topped with some mild salsa, fresh onions and cilantro. If you end up at Taqueria Los Anaya, do not miss out on the Al Pastor. 

DishRanker Al Pastor Taco Score: +3

Aside from that shrimp taco, I was extremely happy with my pitstop here. I was going to also go for their housemad tres leche cake, but I chose to keep it light today. If I'm ever in the neighborhood again, I know where to go for lunch. 

Good work.