Duck House (Lu Din Gee) | 501 S. Atlantic Blvd., Monterey Park, CA |

I am a sucker for duck. Anytime I see it on a menu, I gotta give it a second thought about ordering it. So, it only seemed natural to venture out to Monterey Park for what is supposed to be the best Peking Duck in town. 


My friends and I decided to order the whole peking duck, as well as some other dishes (my friend ordered orange chicken for some stupid reason, so I decided not to give him the pleasure of even taking a picture of it). 

What came out was pretty marvelous to the eye, but just ok to the tongue. What they do at Duck House is roast the duck, but then fry the skin separately. So, the skin becomes a condiment-like accompaniment to your duck sandwich you make with the pancakes provided. Along with the skin and pancakes, they also give you cucumber, hoisen, scallions, sugar, and yes, corn flakes. Not kidding. It's fun to make little bites of the meat, but the duck was pretty dry and bland. You find yourself having to mask the ducks lack of juice with mounds of hoisen and chili sauce. 

DishRanker Peking Duck Score: 0