Groundworks Coffee Co. | 1601 Montana Ave., Brentwood, CA |

Our first attempt at breakfast this morning was Mary & Robbs Westwood Cafe (, our regular go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner neighborhood place. However, we were met with a huge Saturday morning brunch crowd and a long wait time. The wifey couldn't handle it, so we headed west, which led us to Groundworks Coffee Co. 

I had heard a lot about this place from other food blogs, and wanted to try something new on this scorching morning. 

First, we got the Huevos Rancheros Bowl. It was a great concept, with layers of beans, guac, crispy tortilla, egg and feta, but it was just missing a little something. Needed a kick or smack of flavor somewhere.  Lots of potential to do good things here, but just a gringo attempt at Mexican breakfast dish.

DishRanker Huevos Rancheros Score: +1

The other dish was Groundwork's version of a Breakfast Burrito. Funny Note: The online menu calls it a breakfast burrito, but the menu in the restaurant has changed to an egg wrap or something, with a specific disclaimer that this is "their version of a breakfast burrito". It was probably changed because so many complained that this is not a breakfast burrito - and for good reason. 

What you've got here is a sad excuse for even a breakfast wrap. Bland eggs, chopped tomatoes that don't know what their role is, some light pesto for the hell of it, and crazy amounts of spinach. Might as well call it the Popeye Salad Wrap with eggs. I guess it's a healthy breakfast item, but It needed the guac from the Huevos Rancheros Bowl and a solid amount of sriracha to make each bite tolerable. This item either needs to be retooled, or just eliminated from the menu. It's not a burrito, and it's barely a breakfast wrap. 

DishRanker Breakfast Burrito Score: -1

Last, I also got their Horchata + Espresso Drink. Like Sycamore Kitchen, I am loving this new coffee trend of mixing in horchata flavors with coffee. Still I didn't appreciate this drink being poured out of a prepared plastic milk carton. Felt fake to me, but still good. Sycamore Kitchen's drink was way tastier. 

DishRanker Coffee Drink Score: +1