ink.sack | 8360 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA |

I was looking for a little snack in between meals on this scorching Sunday, but still wanted some bold flavors. I was in the neighborhood, so ink.sack made for the perfect thing. I've been here a couple times before, and enjoyed every sandwich I've had - albeit, the sandwiches are really small, but for $6, it's a great snack. 


I can never say no to a good pork banh mi, so that's what I went for today. This thing had roasted pork shoulder, bacon, chicharonnes, pickled vegetables and jalepenos, with an onion spread. Don't go here expecting something out of Alhambra (Go to Banh Mi Tho), but the pork is perfectly cooked, the vegetables have a good amount of tang, and the chicharrones is the ink.sack twist that give the sandwich that special crunch that every bahn mi must have. Good work.

DishRanker Banh Mi Score: +3