Komodo Pico | 8809 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA | komodofood.com

It started out with a food truck, but my first introduction to Komodo was to this secret gem on Pico near Robertson. A really unassuming storefront surrounded by Kosher markets, butchers, and pharmacies, Komodo pumps out some of the most flavorful and exciting food you could ever think of. 

I usually either go for a mix of their unique tacos (I find the flavors to be too crazy for a whole burrito), but on this random Saturday, the wifey and I came in for their Phorrito, which is apparently only available for a limited time. 


The Phorrito, in all its glory, is made with thinly-sliced Angus beef, and everything else you would find in a bowl of pho - lime juice, bean sprouts, jalepeno, onions, Thai basil, cilantro, hoisin sauce, Sriracha, and cooked rice noodles. 

Surprisingly, it really tasted like a bowl of pho wrapped up in a burrito, minus the broth. The beef had great flavor, the rice noodles were a great change from normal rice, and the bean sprouts gave the whole thing some great crunch. My only setbacks were that I think they went too heavy on the hoisen, and maybe a little lighter on the rice noodles (but then again, I like easy rice in my burritos too.) 

DishRanker Burrito Score:  +2

Chinese Chicken Salad

As she normally does, my wife went  the Chinese Chicken Salad. This is what she always gets at Komodo, and according to her, this is the best Chinese Chicken Salad in LA. I took a couple of bites, and it is a great salad, but if I'm coming to Komodo, I'm coming to grub. 

DishRanker Chinese Chicken Salad Score: +3