Levant | 2448 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR | levantpdx.com

I will never turn down an Israeli brunch, so when I heard that Levant specialized in Israeli and Mediterranean meals, especially brunch, it was one of the first on my list. The menu here really covered anything and everything you'd want from an Israeli brunch, including 2 different kinds of shakshuka! I mean, come on! It was only 2 of us, but that did not stop us from trying 3 things plus "dessert". 

Green Shakshuka

I was eyeing the red shakshuka, but the wife wanted to go vegetarian and I had never had a green shakshuka. What a great rendition. This version has baked eggs in a spicy tomatillo broth with spinach and feta and served with morrocan toast.  Not going to lie, I still prefer red, but it's nice to switch things up once in a while. The eggs were perfectly runny, and the tomatillo broth lends itself to a spicy little kick. 

DishRanker Shakshuka Score: +2

Ful Medames

Next up we ordered the Ful Medames, which is a bowl of stewed spiced fava beans, herbs, and a slow cooked egg, served with some warm pita bread (the good fluffy kind). This a perfect winter breakfast dish that just makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. I would have liked the egg to be soft cooked rather than a hard boiled egg, but the stewed fava beans were lovely. 

DishRanker Stewed Beans Score:  +1

Hummus with spiced lamb, raisins, and fried egg

This one was the star of brunch this morning. Creamy hummus paired with spiced lamb is one of the best combos in the world, and when you visit Abu Hasan in Israel, you'll find most people going for this dish. But pair it up with a fried egg and offer it up for breakfast? Genius. I was hesitant about the raisins (I hate raisins with a passion), but you don't taste them at all. Paired with soft, fluffy and thick pita bread, you spend all morning just dipping your bread into this goodness. Good work. 

DishRanker Hummus with Lamb Score:  +3

Halva Croissant

They brought this little guy out first, but I saved it for dessert. This is one of the specialty croissants they do at Levant - a Halva Croissant. The croissant was buttery and flakey, while the halva filling was decadent and sweet. A perfect ending to a great brunch.

DishRanker Croissant Score: +3