Mini Kabob | 313 1/2 W. Vine St., Glendale, CA

One of my all-time favorite secret finds is the gem that is Mini Kabob in Glendale, CA. This place mainly does kebob, and does it really, really well. It is a tiny place with a capacity of maybe 8 people on a good day. It is run by a really friendly Armenian married couple and their son, and you can tell that they take great pride in what they're putting out there.

This time, I just got a mixed plate with beef and chicken breast kebob. The chicken breast, mix of dark and light meat, and it is always the juiciest chicken ever. The beef shish is ok, but not my all-time favorite. On the other hand, their ground beef and chicken kebobs are absolutely stellar (not pictured above). Warning to our kosher readers: the chicken kebobs are mixed with pork, which is probably why they are so damn delicious. Make sure you get your order with both their homemade hummus, which is vital for every bite, but more importantly, their secret GARLIC SAUCE. You know that garlic sauce you get at Zankou Chicken? The garlic sauce here s**ts on Zankou chicken. You will want to rub that stuff all over your body. 

DishRanker Beef Kebob Score: +1

DishRanker Chicken Kebob Score: +3

DishRanker Garlic Sauce Score: +3