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I've been to Ox & Son a couple of times for dinner, and have never had a bad meal. The Chicken Fried Duck Confit and the Burger are the epitome of happiness. This time, we came here for brunch, and had another fantastic meal. The menu options are pretty ridiculous, and every dish sounds just as good as the next. You can tell that the Chef has put some time and thought into every dish, rather than just going with the normal brunch favorites. You will want to come with a big group to order everything. See Adult Grilled Cheese, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Chocolate Bacon Bourbon Pancakes...whhaaaaaat?!

Banh Mi Breakfast Bowl

The Bahn Mi Breakfast Bowl was the first thing that caught my eye, and there was no way I was not ordering it. It is two beautifully poached eggs, housemade pork sausage, pickled vegetables, cilantro, jalapeno and cucumber, all on top of delicious coconut purple sticky rice. I mean - come on! First of all, how beautiful is this bowl of goodness? Second, every single bite throughout the dish is completely different and surprising, yet absolute perfection. A love a dish that changes flavor with every bite - a little bit of pickled vegetable and egg - great - how about with a little bit of sticky rice - fantastic - add the cucumber and pork sausage - yes please - or maybe just the sausage with a jalapeno - ding ding ding. The combination of flavors are endless here in this little bowl, and I've got to say that this might be my favorite brunch meal in a very, very long time (sorry Republique). 

DishRanker Breakfast Bowl Score:  +3

Tomato Braised Eggs & Chickpeas

Next up was the Tomato Braised Eggs & Chickpeas, which had the feeling of a less spiced shakshouka. As my wife said, the lack of spices was actually welcomed because it just felt like a simple (not that simple though with an 8 hour tomato sauce) tomato and egg dish without blowing your mind with so many herbs and spices. The chickpeas were a great addition to add some "meat" to the dish, along with the bread. And you obviously can't go wrong with cotija cheese on anything. I forgot to ask what kind of bread was served with it, but it definitely added some smokey flavor to your bites. 

DishRanker Egg Dish: +3

Once again, Ox & Son did not disappoint, and we may have even found our regular weekend brunch spot. 

Good work.