Pitogyros & Sunset Ammoudi Restaurant | Oia, Santorini, Greece | pitogyros.com

My wife and I had the pleasure of taking a little break in mid-2015, taking us to Paris, Cyprus and Greece. We ended up staying a couple days in the beautiful town of Santorini. The place was just gorgeous, and we got to take in all the sites straight from our seaside cliff view room. 

We had a couple great meals during our stay there, however, the best day we had there was lounging by our room, tanning, napping, swimming, and of course, ordering in. Being in Greece for my first time, we had to get some gyros. This place came highly recommended by our concierge, and it was just fantastic. 

Chicken Gyros...mmmmmmm

We went for some chicken gyros, which included tomatoes, lettuce, tzatziki, and like any self-respecting gyro stand, french fries in the wrap. This entire meal, with a couple more salads cost us a grand total of about $6, and was probably one of the best meals of our trip. If you find yourself in Santorini, do yourself a favor and go to Pitotgyros in Oia. 

DishRanker Chicken Gyro Score: +3

The next great meal was at Sunset Ammoudi Restaurant located down in the Ammoudi Bay. There is a strip of restaurants down in the bay (with a slight feeling of a tourist trap), but the sunset views are mind blowing, and the food is just delicious. At Sunset Ammoudi, their house speciality is the whole lobster spaghetti, which we obviously ordered with a couple of our friends in town at the same time.

Lobster Spaghetti - why is there an orange slice on there?

When they dropped this bowl of pasta on our table, it was definitely impressive. First, its good for at least 6 people. The pasta is tossed in a basic light tomato and cream sauce, and the lobster is steamed, then grilled over fire. I'm not a huge fan of lobster, but this thing was tasty as hell, and it was fun cracking into the lobster and digging for sweet buttered meat.  All in all, it was a great idea, but the company and experience was even better.

DishRanker Lobster Spaghetti Score:  +2