Republique | 624 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA |

Republique is one of my favorite brunch spots in town with its perfect list of true brunch items and an entire glass case of the most wonderful pastries every time. We had a holiday party the night before, and some friends from out of town, so Republique was the perfect answer. The brunch line usually starts to pick up by 11:30, so we had to make sure to get there before then. It definitely got longer once we sat. 

The Burger

I needed meat, cheese and carbs, and this hit the spot. I was actually expecting a fancy grilled burger, but they brought out their best version of an In-N-Out burger, thousand island dressing and all. The burger was cooked a perfect medium rare, but I wish it was a little larger or flatter? The patty barely made it all the way to the edge of the bun, which means you get bits of just bread and cheese (not really a bad thing). The fries that came out with it were lukewarm - still ate them though. 

DishRanker Burger Score: +1

Interior View of the Burger

Kimchi Fried Rice

Since you can't just order one thing at Republique, the wifey went with the Kimchi Fried Rice. This was the second time I've tried this dish, and it really is outstanding. It could use some heat, but nothing that some sriracha can't fix. The egg is gooey and when just mixed into the rice like a bibimbap, you get the egg flavor wrapped around each grain of rice. Side note - you can get the egg fried sunny-side up if you just ask. 

DishRanker Egg Dish Score: +2

Pistachio-Strawberry Croissant and Banana Nutella Crostata

For dessert, I was hoping to catch an almond croissant, but I got something even better! I didn't even know what it was, but when the guy at the pastry counter said it was a pistachio-strawberry croissant, how can you say no to something like that? The pastry chefs at Republique know what they're doing and this twice-baked croissant is no exception. The banana nutella crostata was pretty good, but the croissant stole the show. 

DishRanker Croissant Score: +3

DishRanker Dessert Crostata Score: +1

Still one of my favorite places to grub, hang out, people watch, and enjoy a Saturday morning. Good work.