The Sycamore Kitchen | 143 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036 |

Brunch is not always what it's supposed to be in Los Angeles. Restaurants these days put some egg dishes, a burger, a waffle/pancake dish, and a Bloody Mary on their menu, and call it Brunch. This is not brunch. Brunch was invented to bring breakfast and lunch together in one dish - a true hybrid. 

On this Sunday, the wifey and I ventured to La Brea to try out Sycamore Kitchen. Think Midtown's answer to Gjusta. The line was long (and I hate waiting in line for food), but the food coming out looked great. It took about 20-30 minutes in line, but the food came out super fast. 

I decided to go big with the Scrambled Egg and Chorizo Sandwich, with melted swiss cheese, roasted onions, and griddled pan de mie. I never knew what "pan de mie" is, but I definitely do now, and will order it every damn time I see it. I'm telling you, this bread made this sandwich. So buttery and light, it made you think you were eating a savory sponge cake. This sandwich definitely hit the spot for a hangover cure. 

DishRanker Breakfast Sandwich Score: +2

What you see alongside this killer sandwich is the Iced Cubano. Think milky horchata with a double shot of espresso. Yeah, exactly. 

DishRanker Coffee Drink Score: +2

We also shared a Rice Crispy Cookie, which reminded me of the Momofuku cookies. It was delicious, but missing a little something. 

DishRanker Cookie Score: +1

Next time, I'm going for that Babka Roll thing-a-majig. Time to do situps.