Tony's Pizza Napoletana | 1570 Stockton St., San Francisco, CA |

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite dining destinations. It's a place where you can find an amazing dish anywhere you go, and every restaurant is doing something to the beat of their own drum. This last trip to San Francisco brought us to a classic staple of Little Italy - Tony's Pizza Napoletana. There are so many different pizza options here (some would say too many), but we had to go with the classic "World Pizza Cup Winner, Naples, Italy" Margherita Napoletana.

Cooked in 900 degree wood fired oven, this thing came out piping hot. The cheese was fresh, and I always love the flavor of San Marzano tomatoes. Most importantly, the bread and crust was really beautiful. It had the perfect chew to it, while still having a crispy crust. I'm not usually a fan of Neopolitan pizzas because they get soggy in the middle (i.e. 800 Degrees - bleh), but this is the way it's done.

DishRanker Neopolitan Pizza Score: +3