Trois Familia | 3510 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA |

One of the biggest openings of 2015 was Trois Familia, and since I'm such a big fan of Petit Trois (Trois Mec, not so much), I had to try this place. Even though they open up at 10 a.m., we got there at 9:30, and were already the 5th name on the list outside of the door. They seat about 35 people at a time, and as they tell you, it does go quick. Expect people in and out within 40 minutes max. 

We were only 2 people, but had to take in all we good. 

Chilaquiles (not really)

First up was their Crispy Hash Brown Chilaquiles with a fried egg, cotija cheese and "salsa macho". I expected tortilla chips like an authentic chilaquiles, but this was more like a block of hash browns (if you want chips, they have a completely different dish called Nachos, which is probably what you're looking for), but still appreciated. What made this dish absolutely insane was the "salsa macho". I have no idea what's in there, but I want it on everything. Like the ssam sauce at Momofuku, they need to bottle this stuff up immediately. You will want to ask for a side of this sauce to eat with your burrito or taco - trust me on this one. 

DishRanker Chilaquiles Score: +2 

Double Decker Potato Tacos

Here, Ludo is playing with the Taco Bell Double Decker taco that we all know and love at 3 a.m., except, these tacos have nothing to do with Taco Bell.  The Double Decker Potato Taco was my favorite dish of the day - it provided tons of different textures from the soft outer tortilla to the crispy shell, and the smooth whipped potatoes. The carrot pico de gallo was an interesting twist, but I think they overdo it a bit. Aside from that, this is a great dish - order it. 

DishRanker Potato Taco Score: +3

Chicken MIlanesa

I am a sucker for chicken milanese. If it's on the menu, I am probably ordering it, no matter what. Even though I wouldn't say this is authentic in any way, that is the absolutely beauty of it. The cucumber ribbons, pickles and radish give the perfectly fried chicken that bite you need. Then, this thing is just smothered with amazing Maggi ranch dressing with a healthy pour of Tajin (the stuff that goes on your fruit at the stands) for a little bite. This also was just delicious, and for some reason, I think it would probably be even better as a sandwich - just saying.

DishRanker Milanesa Score: +3

Churro French Toast

Always gotta have dessert, and we went with the Churro French Toast. Yea - exactly. It was so moist and sweet, you won't even need to ask for any syrup with it. It's served with Salt & Straw vanilla ice cream, and I can't think of anything better. Perfect way to finish up a great meal. 

DishRanker French Toast Score: +3

Great trip down to Silverlake, and the next morning, I was totally open to going again to try more stuff. The menu sounds pretty simple, but the flavors will blow you away.

Good work!


My wife and I went back a couple weeks later, and got the standard favorites, but went with two new dishes - the Nachos and Grits. 


I'm sorry to say it, but these did not deliver. True, we didn't get the chorizo relish, but I really don't think that would have saved this dish. You'd expect nachos with some heft and excitement to it at Trois Familia, but these are just plain boring. The mornay sauce is amazing on the fries at Petit Trois, but doesn't really work well here. 

DishRanker Nachos Score: -2



Again, we had another miss. The grits were well cooked, but it was really oily and runny, and there was really no substance with this one. The pepitas added some good crunch, but the cilantro really took over on this one. 

DishRanker Grits Score: -1

Trust me - just go with what I had the first time here, and you'll be a happy camper.